Hi..everyone. I hope that all of you and your family are SAFE and HEALTHY in this lockdown. This current situation has been tough for all of us. We faced many difficulties and challenges. We were forced to stay at home, work from home, be away from friends and family and, many more difficulties. But remember the saying “Every Dark cloud has a silver lining”. During this situation, I am sure most of you enjoyed spending time with your family. Some of you may have learned new skills, while some of you may have improved your existing skills. Some of you must have connected with your dear friends and had a great laugh with them after many years. And that ONE THING which I am sure all of you did is ……COOKING!!!!!!!!!


Cooking is a need for survival. After all, it’s the basic need, remember ROTI(Food), KAPADA (Clothing) aur MAKAAN (Shelter)?

Cooking food is a necessity to maintain a healthy life. It’s very important to eat the right food in the right quantity.

Cooking is about emotions. Ask any Mother, how important cooking is for her? She is the only one, who will always ask, “KHANA KHAYA KYA? (DID YOU EAT PROPERLY)? , before anything else. During this lockdown situation, many of you must have cooked simple as well as exotic dishes, but the fun was in cooking as well as sharing it with family members.

The most favorite topic googled during the lockdown period has been recipes and cooking videos. Creating those new dishes at home has been a source for spending quality family time, especially for WORKING COUPLES. There is a kind of great satisfaction to cook for someone you love. Cooking for your spouse, for your kids, for your parents and maybe sometimes even for YOURSELF, cooking brings out the love within. No wonder many of real-life love stories have started either in café or restaurant. Food just makes it easier to bring people together.


When all this stay at home started, just like Work From Home was exciting earlier, similarly, Cooking was very exciting and fun for many. Slowly the Honeymoon period was over. All the Home Makers and Budding Chefs started getting the challenge, what to cook every day. The Hotel-style recipes were no longer appealing. Some of the methods used were a bit difficult to follow. Sometimes the equipment required was not available at home. Think about it, all the celebrity chefs, though were sharing recipes from home, they still had a fancy kitchen which most of us dream of. To top it all, the ingredients were available in limited quantities. The food delivery option also seems to be risky.

Whether LOCKDOWN or now the BEGIN UNLOCK, one thing everyone has realized that cooking is a challenging task which is to be done on a daily basis. The most common question now asked by every HOMEMAKER is What do I Cook? The task is equally challenging for WORKING COUPLES. The balancing act of doing office work and managing home is the toughest challenge. Time is a major concern. With the other tasks of daily routine, the time left for cooking is insufficient. Almost the same ingredients are available in the market. Someone has said it correctly, “Variety is the spice of life” but the Homemakers have a challenge on how to create different varieties.

HELP IS ON!!!!!!!!

I would like to help with a solution for this challenge faced by HOMEMAKERS & especially WORKING COUPLES. I am a Qualified and Professional Chef with an overall experience of around 18 years now. Throughout my career, I am being trained to properly plan and execute menus for various outlets. I would be sharing simple steps to plan a menu every week, which you can cook at home. I will also let you know simple cooking methods using traditional as well as modern equipment. Using simple ingredients and creating varieties is what I like the most about cooking. Controlling food wastage and using leftovers has always been my top priority to ensure sustainability. So keep looking for updates on my social media accounts. Let’s make cooking FUN again. Let’s create new flavors and new dishes.

JOIN ME on this amazing CULINARY JOURNEY…..share your cooking challenges to me at chefsandeshblog@gmail.com and remember IF I CAN COOK……SO CAN YOU!!!!

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