Sun is about to rise, just then the mobile alarm rings. It’s time to get up and get going. It’s a new day, new goals, and new targets to achieve. So let the game begin. Quick Exercise routine, Quick Shower, Quick Dressing up, Quick Breakfast, Quick Ride to work, Quick Meetings, Quick Phone calls, Quick Report makings, Quick Follow up meetings, Quick Lunch, Quick Client meetings, Quick Boss meetings, Quick team meetings, Quick EOD reports, Quick ride back to home, Quick Dinner, Quick family time, finally its sleeping time ZZZzzzzzzzzz… Welcome to the URBAN LIFESTYLE!!!

Living a great life is every person’s dream, so each one of us gives our best and works harder each day. Today’s urban lifestyle is challenging. Each one of us is getting busier day by day. Some of us have longer working hours, some have longer traveling routes and some have bigger personal and professional responsibilities to take care of.

Did you realize, we skipped Quick Lunch in the above paragraph? You read it again to check. Thank God it’s there!!! But most of us might have skipped many lunches because of our busy life. If we don’t have time to eat, Where is the time to COOK????


If we all want to be successful and happy, then we have to be healthy also. After all, HEALTH is WEALTH. But we all ignore it. Today’s busy lifestyle is making it challenging for us to cook proper food at home. So we depend on either a maid or subscribe to some monthly food delivery.

Some of us, try to cook by ourselves or have someone to cook for us, but the early morning clock just runs too fast. We finally end up compromising on whatever that can be managed and ensure to have something to eat to live. No wonder most urbanites have many health issues.


This is the ultimate solution for most of our life challenges. We have to ensure that the process to overcome our challenge should always follow a rule called “KISS — -Keep It Short & Simple”.

With regards to cooking at home, this rule needs to be applied. We cannot change our lifestyle. The work timings and travel timings are not going to change. So we can cook meals by using short and simple cooking methods. Choose the right cooking method to cook in a short time. Get equipment that helps to do the prep faster. Let’s prioritize our health and learn to prepare food within the time available.


Whenever you go to a restaurant or order online, one thing which is annoying is the delay in foodservice. A professional chef like me is an expert not only in bringing out the best quality food but also on how food can be served within a specific time. I was a team member of a branded restaurant of the 5-star hotel which serves around 300 plus guests within 2–3 hours of dinning.

I know exactly how things need to be planned, which methods, which equipment save cooking time and ensure food is prepared within the time available. I have been doing this in the professional kitchens and also at my home. Once these steps are used, cooking is SIMPLE, FASTER & FUN.

Here are some basic tips:-

  1. Use as minimum ingredients as possible. Too much is always bad.
  2. Steaming is faster than boiling.
  3. Leftovers are the best to make a quick and easy dish.
  4. Prepare one-pot recipes.
  5. Using blenders and mixers saves time instead of chopping.

These are just a few basics tips, to know more write to me at chefsandesh@quickandeasycooking.online. I will share more tips and recipes to help you cook easier and faster.

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Till then

Wish you all Happy Cooking

Chef Sandesh