About Me

Hi…..I’m Professional Chef and true Sportsperson …the Game is always ON!!!

My Story

If you want to see the true qualities of a MAN…always ask him to play a game and he shows his true skills. Put ME into KITCHEN or any PLAYGROUND and you will see the REAL ME!!!!

Sports & Culinary are my true passions. The real-life game started with the entrance to Hospitality Management Graduation. The kitchen section has always been a perfect playground for me. Its exactly like sports to me, every day a new challenge, and the determination to play my best and overcoming challenges gives me immense satisfaction.

Culinary like sports, is a team game. There is always so much to learn from each other and co-ordination required with team members. I have been a part of an amazing culinary team from various hotels in Singapore, USA, Qatar. Every place has helped to take my game to the next level.

Now I am back in my home ground. The format of the game is changing and so am I. From a Hospitality Graduate to being a Sous Chef has been great innings of life. Now its time to build new team players and new teams to carry forward the legacy of my mentors!!!!!

My Recipes