About Me

Hi…..I’m an Adventurous, Daring, and Enthusiastic Professional Chef 

My Story

Cooking for me is like a food for my soul.
The word cooking was introduced and understood by me in my early school days when my teacher used to recite the occupation of the Indian moms, that was “Mother cooks food for the family”!! as I grew older the concept was the same. One fine day when I along with my family went out for dinner in a fine dining restaurant, the picture I saw shooked me, I saw men cooking food for us. The next day I asked my teacher to change the sentence about why not men and women both cook food for their family. That day I understood that cooking food was not to do with the gender part instead it was all for a living.
When I grew an adult…On a sudden day, my mom was ill, so she asked me to cook whatever I knew about cooking, that day I entered the kitchen for the first time to actually cook something. I was really excited to cook my first dish . So I prepared Roti and mix vegetable curry .When my mom tasted it she really loved  the taste and complimented me and asked me cook often and improve my cooking skills.
I was extremely happy with the compliments given by her. From that moment itself a spark hit me and the love for cooking and food came across my life and turned a culinary comforter.
When I grew adult, my aim was to join the Armed forces of the nation and also tried my luck into it . Despite I decided to join an industry which has all the qualities next of the Armed forces i.e. Discipline, leadership, teamwork , I got introduced to the hospitality industry which is at the second when it comes to serving the nation and the people. So I decided to join the industry as the passion for cooking kept me alive and gave an opportunity to prove the world again. 
There my professional journey started from the Hospitality Management Institute. My great professors & mentors helped me a lot to gain the master skills and explore alot about the industry.
My professional job journey started with a very renowned and ravishing luxurious 5-star property. I learned, explored, and grown with them and became a finessing foodie and an amazing chef. 
Now I want to explore my journey towards being a digital chef and form a big culinary community….

My Recipes