About Me

Hi…..I’m Professional Chef & an Entrepreneur….Its all about MONEY !!!!

My Story

Hi, Cooking for me is about creating something delicious for someone and creating some special moments for them.

I was always interested in cooking since I was young. The journey began at the age of 12, that’s when I entered the culinary world to help my mother in the kitchen & also learn about basic cooking. So, I chose the culinary as my profession.

My Hospitality Management Graduation taught basics about cooking. The most important chapter of this journey was my internship in hotel industry. Kitchen is the place where one sweats, but the appreciation from guests drives your energy to give some more happiness to the world. The journey from being an intern to now being a Sous Chef, has been spectacular.

In my culinary experience, I worked as a chef in a 4star hotel, restaurant, cloud kitchen & food van. I also have my business ventures, which provides catering services and food outlet serving Oriental cuisine. Now I want to explore the various social media platforms to be a part of digital culinary world..Do checkout my Instagram profile from the link above !!!!!!!!

My Recipes