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Hi…..I’m Professional Chef..with lots of love for cooking & exploring new dishes

My Story

Cooking for me is LIFE!!!! 

It is an art form of mine, which has helped me express myself to the world. As a kid, the journey began while cooking with my MOM. The magical world of spices, flavours & aromas just mesmerised me. Every new dish served at home or at friends & relatives parties and social gatherings, increased my desire to explore this amazing culinary world.

The Professional journey began at hotel management institute. The introduction of Hospitality World, told me, that this is my place…this is where I belong. All my faculties, my mentors, my colleagues have a great contribution towards helping me understanding & mastering skills required to excel in this amazing world.


My amazing culinary journey has been into fast food outlets, 5 star hotels, hospital catering, airline catering, food vans, institutional catering, international hotels & cloud kitchens. Throughout this journey, it was not only cooking but the experience with so many people and making them happy by serving some delicious meals, those lifetime memories are the greatest pleasures of my life. The most amazing part is every morning I wake up with desire to learn & bring happiness to more people……..

Now, I want to create more opportunities for young budding chefs. I would help them with actual kitchen as well as digital platforms to build their culinary journey.

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